Whether you’re an experienced gardener with a beautiful collection of unusual plants, a beginner learning the basics, or someone who just wants your yard to look nice, we think you’ll find a visit to Egan Gardens worthwhile.

Our sales are on-site only; we don’t do any online orders or shipping of retail products.
Our retail side is open Monday-Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.
Our wholesale side is open all year, Monday – Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Summer’s over, and it has actually rained!  The fall crops of pansies, garden mums, ornamental kale and overwintering foliage – Heucheras, grasses, etc. – are ready.  The fall-winter baskets are planted, filled-out and ready. Mums will be available through early October, and pansies all the way through October. Remember the retail  sales officially close October 17th, but we’re still around on weekdays after that.

Speaking of rain, that annual indicator of the change of seasons here in the Willamette Valley, don’t expect it to take over your watering obligations quite yet. (This being early Sept., in case I don’t get back here to update for a while) We’ve only had enough at this point to dampen the surface of the soil, and under big trees the water may not have even reached the ground and the poor, dry plants underneath the trees. I know you’re probably tired of setting sprinklers if you don’t have an automatic system, and either way you’re tired of the water bills. But for most spring-blooming bushes, late-summer and early-fall water is essential for forming flower buds. If Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Daphnes and Camellias go dry now, you’ll get fewer flowers, and a greater chance of small and deformed flowers. Pay particular attention to plants of any kind that were planted within the last 2 years – their roots have not spread out wide enough yet to forage for themselves the way established plants can.  They’re depending on you for water, please don’t let them down.

Classes in September and October:
Sunday, Sept. 18 2 pm
Making Planters for Fall and Winter
A mix of perennial foliage and cold-tolerant flowers can look good from fall to spring. Plant your own with guidance from Ellen.  Cost: materials only, around $35, depending on the plants you choose.  Please call 503-393-2131 to register.

Closing Weekend Final Two:

Saturday Oct. 15, 2 pm
Putting Your Roses to Bed for Winter
Our rose expert, Vance, will guide you through what to do when for the best health and re-growth of your roses next year.  Free.  Please call to register.

Sunday Oct. 16, 2 pm
Perennial Care in Fall and Winter
Join Ellen in a discussion and demonstration of perennial plant dividing, cutting-back, pest prevention and myth-debunking. Free.  Please call to register.

  Most classes are free.  We appreciate a phone call for registration so we know how many handouts to have printed and chairs to set out if it’s a sit-down kind of class.   503-393-2131 ext. 2.


We have a fairly regular schedule 

100_2458of classes and workshops
- check out the Calendar page and see if some of them look interesting.  We always welcome suggestions for topics, so please let us know what you’d like to learn more about.





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The newest addition to our grounds and amenities is Thornton Park, named for my Scottie, Thornton. It’s a fenced area on the edge of the Perennial Field, with shade trees to lie under, lawn to run and tussle in, a flower bed to dig up and destroy, and a water bowl to get the mud off his tongue after that digging.  Visitors’ dogs are welcome to join him in the park; he’s friendly with everyone and loves having company.  If you have a dog who wants to go with you wherever you go, bring him/her along to play in Thornton Park while you shop.