Whether you’re an experienced gardener with a beautiful collection of unusual plants, a beginner timidly learning the basics, or someone who just wants your yard to look nice, we think you’ll find a visit to Egan Gardens worthwhile.
We are open to the public Monday-Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-5

 We will be closed Friday July 4th.



We have a whole new schedule 100_2458of classes and workshops 

- check out the Calendar page and see
if some of them look interesting.  We always welcome suggestions for topics, so please let us know what you’d
like to learn more about.



On Sunday June 29th at 2 pm, you can join us for Growing and Using Culinary Herbs. And on Saturday July 5th, I’ll discuss Blending Annuals and Perennials in the garden.Both classes are free.  For both classes, please call to register, 503-393-2131 ext. 2.


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Spring is here, with all its wildly changeable weather. Smart gardeners know that if you have a choice of which day of the week you’re going to do your garden shopping, it’s best to choose a rainy day. Why? Because then you’re not wasting the nice days just shopping; you’ve got what you need and can start planting right away when the sun comes out. Also, most people don’t think of that and want to shop on sunny days, so it’s really crowded in all nurseries. You’ll get better help and selection, and shorter check-out lines at any garden center when you shop on rainy days.

If you’d like to see Misty and me be talking heads, play this brief, informative, self-congratulatory video.