Drought -Tolerant Perennials for Western Oregon

It makes sense, as we have an increasing number of people depending on a possibly decreasing water supply, to plant our gardens in such a way that we still have beauty to enjoy, but with less water needed to support them.
Here are some suggestions of plants that can come pretty close to surviving our mostly-rain-less summers, once their root systems have become established over the first year or two  after planting.  Remember that almost no plants can survive without extra water in summer’s heat until they have had time to grow a root system in their new homes. This is not an all-inclusive list, just my favorites.

Madrona   Arbutus menziesii
Eucalyptus  there are several hardy kinds
Golden Rain Tree     Koelrutaria paniculata
Olive      Olea europaea some kinds hardy enough for Oregon
Pines, most kinds
Oaks, many kinds, especially our native Quercus garryana
Japanese Pagoda Tree   Sophora japonica
Oregon Myrtlewood/ California Bay Laurel   Umbellularia californica

Ceanothus, many kinds
Rock Rose    Cistus, several species
Smoke Tree   Cotinus coggygria
Cotoneaster, many kinds
Silktassel   Garrya elliptica
Oregon Grape   Mahonia aquifolium, Mahonia nervosa

Heavenly Bamboo   Nandina domestica
Osmanthus, several kinds
Coralberry, Snowberry   Symphoricarpos orbiculatus, S. alba
Junipers, many kinds

Perennials  Forgive me, I’m going to switch to Latin name first now, since that’s how all my information is organized
Achillea   Yarrow, many species and varieties

Agastache   Anise Hyssop
Ajuga   Bugleweed

Alchemilla   Lady’s Mantle
Armeria    Sea Thrift
Artemisia   Wormwood, and culinary Tarragon
Asclepias   Butterfly Weed, Butterfly Milkweed
Caryopteris   Bluebeard
Centranthus ruber   Jupiter’s Beard
Cerastium tomentosum   Snow-in-Summer
Convolvulus cneorum   Bush Morning Glory
Coreopsis   no other common name that I know

Cyclamen hederifolium, C. coum    Hardy Cyclamen
Delosperma  Ice Plant
Echinacea  Coneflower – careful here, some are less tolerant, some more
Echinops  Globe Thistle
Eryngium   Sea Holly
Euphorbia   Spurge
Gaillardia  Blanket Flower
Gaura   no other common name that I know
Helianthemum  Sunrose
Hemerocallis  Daylily
Iris   all kinds
Iberis  Candytuft
Herbs: Chives, Lavender, Marjoram, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme
Kniphofia  Red Hot Poker Plant
Liatris  Gayfeather
Liriope  Lilyturf
Nepeta  Catmint
Oenothera  Sundrops
Paeonia  Peony
Perovskia   Russian Sage
Phlox subulata  Creeping Phlox
Rudbeckia fulgida   Black-eyed Susan
Salvia  Sages of many kinds, including culinary sage
Sedums, many kinds both tall and creeping
Stachys  Lamb’s Ears
Stokesia  Stokes Aster
Symphyotrichum   Aster
Sisyrinchium bellum    Blue-Eyed Grass
Verbascum   Mullein