Geranium Fundraisers

Spring plant sales have been a popular fundraiser for schools, churches and charitable organizations for many years. Everyone loves looking forward to spring sunshine and flowers, so convincing people to buy geraniums or hanging baskets is relatively easy and fun. If a group you’re involved with is looking for a way to raise money we’ll be glad to help you with a sale.

Geraniums are a traditional favorite that lots of people are familiar with, and that are known for their long bloom season and easy care. They can be planted outside from early-mid April through May. A group wanting to sell geraniums can contact Egan Gardens in February or March and let us know what their approximate sales goal is. Group members collect orders until they meet their goal or exhaust all the sales possibilities they can think of. An order form helps to get price and color information to the prospective customers, and to keep track of sales and money collection. We need to have a final order a minimum of two weeks before the chosen delivery date.

Geraniums in 4-inch pots are packed 16 to a tray, the 6-inch pot size are 12 per tray. We will want to round up any odd amounts to full trays or half trays. The group selling has their choice of the number of colors they want to sell. It just depends on how much complexity one wants to deal with. For the first year of a sale, simpler is probably better. Please notice that the color choices are somewhat different for the trailing ivy-leaf types. Egan Gardens can deliver your group’s whole order to your location on your chosen delivery day. A few groups pick the plants up at the greenhouses themselves. Delivery to individual customers sometimes is done by the salespeople in the group, or in some cases all customers are asked to pick up the plants themselves at the group’s location. The procedures are up to each group to decide for themselves.

Egan Gardens is known for the health and vigor of our geraniums, and our reputation in this area depends on providing you with quality plants and helpful service. Thank-you for considering our product for your fundraising needs.

Lori Brown, wholesale sales manager

Ellen Egan, owner




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