Fundraiser Gift Cards

Selling Egan Gardens gift cards is an easy, hassle-free fundraiser for both your group selling the cards and your customers buying them. A $20 card purchased by your customer can be used at our retail location for any of our products. Your fundraising group pays $15 for the cards, and you make $5 on every card you sell. You don’t have to handle plants, arrange for a location for plant delivery, separate customer orders, or any of the other work of a regular plant sale. You just hand out the cards, collect the money and send in your share to us. Our staff takes it from there, helping the customers at our nursery.

The gift cards make life easy for your customers, too. They can use the cards any time, so there’s no problem of a sale date being inconvenient or weather being bad, as with regular plant sales. They are able to select their own plants, whatever kinds and colors they want, without being limited to just what a one-day sale can provide.

Egan Gardens gift cards are a great option for groups that have difficulty getting volunteers to put in time carrying out a plant sale, or who have older members who have a hard time lifting and hauling flats of plants. Gift cards can also be sold as an additional item in a plant sale to accommodate customers whose schedules don’t permit them to participate in the sale.


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Ellen Egan, owner 503-393-2131 ext 4