Wholesale Division

Egan Gardens sells wholesale to garden centers, landscape companies, florists and fundraiser projects. The main qualification for purchasing wholesale is that the plants are to be resold. Poinsettias are somewhat an exception, as we sell to many churches and businesses for decoration. A nursery license is not necessary for our purposes, though maybe the Department of Agriculture might want you to have one. We do not sell to retailers in the Salem-Keizer area to avoid competition with our own retail outlet.

Orders can be picked up at the nursery; we also deliver throughout western Oregon and southwest Washington. Minimum order for free delivery in the local area is $400. For smaller deliveries or those to locations farther away, delivery charges will be added, varying with the order size, distance traveled, and whether the truck is shared with another order.

The wholesale division is open all year, and there is always something available for sale. We put out a wholesale price and product list, which we will gladly send you. Here’s a quick run-down of the types of crops we grow, so you can see if you’d be interested in checking further.

Jan.-March Cold-tolerant pot crops: 4” Primroses, Specialty Primroses, Ranunculus, Anemones, Pericallis, and perennials in 4″ and 1 gal. pots.

April-May Zonal Geraniums in 4”and 6” pots, annual colorspots in 4”, specialty and vegetative annuals in quart (a deep 4″) and 51/2” pots, perennials in 4″ and 1 gal, Ivy Geranium, and other 10” hanging baskets, and 12″, 14” and 16” combination baskets.

June-July Geraniums while they last, colorspots in 4”, warm weather specialty annuals like Lisianthus and Dahlias in 51/2” or gallons, various hanging baskets, and perennials.

Aug-Sept  Garden mums in 4″, 1 gal, 2 gal and Belgian type mums in 12” tubs, pansies in 4”, assorted “Fall Magic” container plants, including Heucheras in 4″, fresh colorspots through August, perennials in 4″ and 1 gal.

Sept-Oct Garden mums in 4”, larger sizes while they last, pansies, ornamental kale in 4″ and 1 gal, perennials. Order poinsettias now.

Nov-Dec Poinsettia delivery

We FAX or email weekly availability lists; if you would like to receive these please contact Lori Brown, head of the wholesale division at 503-393-2131 ext. 3 or email at egan.wholesale@gmail.com.