Baskets and Planters

We grow really nice combination pots and hanging baskets. I know no one gets in a promotional medium like this and states, “We specialize in mediocrity”, but seriously, we put together beautiful color combinations, interplays of textures and nicely balanced shapes.  We plant baskets of different styles and in different kinds of baskets so you will always find a good selection ready-to-go.  DSCN0779 DSCN0777 DSCN0775


14” Rustic Basket – not that you can see the basket itself anymore.





12” square basket






16″ Coco Basket




We can custom plant to your specifications.
Save yourself the time and the mess and the half-used bags of soil. Let our fingernails get trashed while yours stay nice. It’s OK, we’re used to it. Tell us what colors you like and whether there are certain plants you would like to have us use. Let us know where your planter will be placed – how many hours of sun it will receive and at what times of day. We can take it from there and fill in the rest.

You can choose a pot from our selection of pottery.
You can bring your pots to us and we will plant in them for you.

big Bubblegum and Snow Princess basket
big Bubblegum and Snow Princess basket

We can plant a pot that will drop into a large container you have waiting at home. Be sure to measure the inside diameter at the rim and also farther down if the pot tapers, so we can be sure the insert pot will fit.
Please give us plenty of lead time. As it gets busy in May we need at least a week, and two weeks is better.
If you like planting your own, and just want a little guidance, we can provide that, too. I often see people taking pictures and notes of what’s in our plantings so they can reproduce them at home. I love that. Here are a couple of recipes for favorite combinations to help you out.

Tropical colors

Tropical colors

Tropical Mix for hot sun
In a 14″ or 16″ pot or basket
1 Lantana Bandana Cherry Sunrise in center of pot.
2 Trailing Petunia Fame Hot Pink, opposite each other
2 Calibrachoa Superbells Dreamsicle, opposite each other
2 Sweet Potato Vine Sweet Caroline Light Green – or if you want them really long trailing, use the variety called Margarita or Marguerite.

Silvery Cool Mix for shade
1 Upright Fuchsia Ballerina Blue in the center of the pot
2 Torenia Summerwave Large Blue, opposite each other
2 Lamium Ghost, opposite each other
2 Trailing Hiemalis Begonia Rosie, opposite each other