Our Plants


P1000158Our goal at Egan Gardens is to do what we do really well. We figure that means we shouldn’t try to do everything, because perfection is extremely hard to attain and usually one simply kills oneself trying, or at best fails to have any fun in life.

Geranium 'Mrs Pollock' leavesSo we have a focus, a niche.
We do flowers.
OK, we let pretty, colorful foliage in,too.

Color is what’s most fun. I feel sorry for the nurseries that just grow green bushes or tiny baby plants, because we get to do the pretty stuff.

What would you do if you had 65,000100_2141
square feet of greenhouses plus
an acre of outdoor growing space to fill?

I face that question every year. I want to grow what you, my customers, want to plant. What will that be? Some plants we grow every year. Then there are the impulse crops – you know, “Ooh, that new variety looks pretty, I think I’ll grow that.” Sometimes those impulse plants end up joining the standard mix; sometimes it’s a one-time-only attempt, what I call a “learning experience”. Oops.