What’s Happening at Egan Gardens in 2017

Fri. Mar.3 - Sun. Mar.5Spring Re-Opening Weekend
Sat. Mar. 11
2 pm
Pruning Winter Damage
Our expert pruner,Vance, will show you how to clean up snow, freeze, and storm damaged shrubs and trees. Please request a non-rainy day from your favorite weather god.
No charge, please call to register.
Sat. Mar.18
2 pm
Controlling Slugs and Snails. No charge, please call to register.
Sat. Mar 25
2 pm
Growing and Using Culinary Herbs
Covers growing, harvesting and making good use of popular herbs for cooking. Ellen loves to cook as well as grow plants, and this lets her talk about two of her favorite things. Recipes included. No charge, please call to register.
Sat. April 8
2 pm
Fragrant Shrubs
Don't overlook the pleasure of sweet scents when planning your garden. Vance will go through each season's most fragrant shrubs and vines. No charge, please call to register.
Sat. April 15
2 pm
Planting Mixed Hanging Baskets
Plant your own basket with guidance from Ellen on color choices, balancing shape and texture, and all-summer care. Charge for materials only, usually around $35. Please call to register.
Sun. April 16
Happy Easter - We will be open short hours, 10 am to 2 pm
Sat. April 29
2 pm
Vegetable Gardening Basics
This is your chance to sit down with a Master Gardener and ask all the questions you want to. Topics will include soil quality, plant choices, timing of planting, feeding, and weed, disease and insect control. Emphasis will be on organic methods.
$5 per person
Please call to register.
Sat. June 3
2 pm
Pruning Flowering Shrubs
Learn correct timing and techniques for the best shape, size and flowering. No charge. Please call to register.
Sun. June 18
2 pm
Pollinator-Friendly Perennials
Make your garden a haven for supporting bees, butterflies and other pollinators. No charge, please call to register.
Tues. July 4th We will be closed on Independence Day
Sun. July 9
2 pm
Dealing With Deer
Deer-plagued Maia will share the results of many years' efforts to protect her garden. No charge, please call to register.
Sat. July 22
2 pm
Making Hypertufa Trough Planters
Trough planters are wonderful for miniature gardens of dwarf plants and succulents. In this hands-on workshop you can make your own stone-look planter from Hypertufa, a concrete mix that looks like stone, but is lighter weight.
$25 charge to cover materials used. Please call 503-393-2131 to register.
Sat. Aug 26
10 am
Leaf Casting Part 1: The Process. This is a 2-part class, taking place on consecutive Sundays. On the first day you will do your leaf mold, which will be left to dry. Smaller leaf castings could possibly be taken home that day Please pre-register for this class by calling 503-393-2131 ext. 2. Class size limit is 15. Cost is $25 for both days.
Sat. Sept. 2
10 am
Leaf Casting, Part 2: The Unveiling. Strip it down, clean it up, ooh and aah over how cool it turned out, and take it home.
Sat. Sept. 2
2 pm
Late-Season Blooming Shrubs and Perennials
Where did all the flowers go? Learn which plants can bring them back for the rest of the summer. No charge, please call to register.
Sat. Sept. 16
2 pm
Planters for Fall and Winter
A mix of perennial foliage and cold-tolerant flowers can look good from fall to spring. Plant your own with guidance from Ellen. Cost: materials only, around $35. Please call 503-393-2131 to register.
Sat. Oct 14
2 pm
Putting Your Roses to Bed for Winter
Vance will tell you how to tuck in your roses safely so they wake up healthy next spring. Pruning, disease prevention, cold protection and any questions you’d like answered. No charge. Please call to register.
Sun. Oct 15
2 pm
Perennial Care through Fall and Winter
On our last official day open for the year, Ellen will talk about what perennials need – or don’t need - in the way of cutting-back, feeding, mulching, etc. for good winter survival. No charge. Please call to register

We love to get your suggestions for class subjects and website information topics. We want to help you get the information you need for fun and success in your gardening. So please don’t hesitate to phone us at (503) 393-2131 or e-mail us at Thank you!

We welcome you to visit Egan Gardens in person at the nursery. Our hours are:
March through July, Monday-Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm.
August through mid- October Monday-Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm.
We’re easy to find. See our Map & Directions Page.